Plastic Injection Mould Maintenance

- Apr 12, 2018-

Mold Maintenance


Mold maintenance is a basic work that we must do well in daily injection molding; the better the mold is maintained, the longer its service life will be. Here we analyze the various details of mold maintenance.


1, the necessity for mold maintenance

A, maintain the normal operation of the mold, reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the active part;

B. Make the mold reach the normal service life;

C. Reduce oil pollution in production.


2, mold maintenance classification

A, the daily maintenance of the mold;

B, regular maintenance of the mold;

C, the appearance of the mold maintenance.

3, mold maintenance content

A, daily maintenance:

1), a variety of moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide column, guide sleeve refueling;

2) Cleaning of the mold surface;

3) The sparse way to transport water;

B) Regular maintenance: 1, 2, 3, ibid

4) The cleaning of exhaust slots, trapped air and black exhaust gas;

5), damage, wear part correction;

C, appearance and maintenance:

1) The outside of the mold is painted to prevent rust;

2) When the mold is dropped, the cavity should be coated with anti-rust oil;

3), should be closed tightly during storage to prevent dust from entering the mold CORE.

4、Mold maintenance precautions

A, sports parts, daily maintenance must refuel;

B, mold surface must be clean: no residual foreign matter on the P/L surface

C. If abnormalities are found, such as ejecting anomalies, large opening and closing modal noises, etc. must be promptly repaired

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