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- May 08, 2017-


Peek Plastic

    Polyether ether ketone, the English name polyetheretherketone (referred to as PEEK), it is the molecular chain containing the chain of linear aromatic polymer compounds. Its constituent units are oxygen-p-phenylene-oxy-carbonyl-p-phenylene, which is semi-crystalline, thermoplastics.

Product Name: Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) resin is a special performance of special engineering plastics, and other special engineering plastics compared with more significant advantages, resistance to high temperature 260 degrees, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubricating, resistant Chemical corrosion, flame retardant, peel resistance, abrasion resistance, impatience strong nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, anti-radiation, superior mechanical properties can be used for high-end machinery, nuclear engineering and aviation technology.

Chinese name polyether ether ketone English name PEEK (abbreviation) Substantial linear aromatic polymer compound Polyether ether ketone resin Special engineering plastics

Polyether ether ketone:

Polyether ether ketone refers to the macromolecular backbone by the aryl, ketone bond and ether bond composed of linear polymer, which is currently available in large quantities only poly aryl ether ketone varieties, the English name for the polyetherether ketone, referred to as PEEK, The molecular formula is

Polyether ether ketones have thermosetting plastics heat resistance, chemical stability and thermoplastic molding processability. Polyether ether ketones also have excellent heat resistance. The heat distortion temperature is 160 ℃, when the use of 20% to 30% glass fiber reinforced, the heat distortion temperature can be increased to 280 ~ 300 ℃. The polyether ether ketone has good thermal stability in air at 420 ° C. 2h weight loss is only 2%, 2.5 ℃ at 2.5%, 500 ℃ when it produces significant thermal weight loss. The long-term use temperature of polyetheretherketone is about 200 ° C, and at this temperature it is possible to maintain a high tensile strength and flexural modulus. It is also a very rugged material with excellent long-term creep resistance and Fatigue resistance.

    The polyether ether ketone has excellent electrical insulating properties and a volume resistivity of about 10 to 10 Ω · cm. It still has a small dielectric constant and dielectric loss in the high frequency range. For example, at 10 Hz, the dielectric constant is only 3.2 in the chamber, and the dielectric loss is only 0.02.

   Polyether ether ketone chemical stability is also very good, in addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, almost any chemical reagents are very stable, even at higher temperatures, can still maintain good chemical stability. In addition, it also has excellent hot water resistance and resistance to steam. In the 200 ~ 250 ℃ steam can be used for a long time.

   Polyether ether ketone has a good flame retardant, in the usual environment is difficult to burn, even if the burning, smoke and harmful gas release is also very low, even lower than the low smoke of polytetrafluoroethylene Amount of polymer. In addition, it also has excellent resistance to radiation. Its resistance to α-ray, β-ray, γ-ray resistance is the best polymer materials. Coated with its wire products can be resistant to 1.1 × 10Gy γ-ray.

    Polyether ether ketone above the melting point has good melt flow and thermal stability. Which has a typical molding processing properties of thermoplastic, it can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, lamination and other molding methods, but also spinning, film. Although the polyether ether ketone melt processing temperature range of 360 ~ 400 ℃, but because of its thermal decomposition temperature above 520 ℃, so it still has a wide processing temperature range.

Although the history of polyether ether ketone development is only a short span of twenty years, but because it has outstanding heat resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance and high strength, easy processing, making it now in the nuclear Industrial, chemical industry, electronic appliances, mechanical instrumentation, automotive industry and aerospace has been widely used in the field. Especially as a thermoplastic resin excellent in heat resistance, it can be used as a matrix material for high performance composites.

   PEEK pure material performance is difficult to meet the different needs of different industries, so in the special work environment needs to be modified PEEK, the main means of blending modification, copolymerization, composite enhanced modification, fill modified, nano Modification and surface modification technology. Through the modification can increase the PEEK performance, such as wear resistance, impact strength, etc., thus extending the scope of application of PEEK, reducing the cost of the use of materials, improved PEEK processing performance.

PEEK commonly used modified

Fiber modified: 10% fiber modified, 20% fiber modified, 30% modified fiber

Carbon fiber modification: 10% carbon fiber modified, 20% carbon fiber modified, 30% carbon fiber modified

PEEK product features

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) plastic material is aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material, the melting point of 334 ℃, with high mechanical strength, high temperature, impact resistance, flame retardant, acid and alkali, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance Fatigue, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.

1) High temperature

The PEEK resin has a high melting point (334 ° C) and a glass transition temperature (1 43 ° C), a continuous use temperature of 260 ° C, and a 30% GF or CF reinforced brand with a heat load temperature of up to 316 ° C.

2) Mechanical properties

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) plastic raw materials resin has good toughness and rigidity, it has the alloy material comparable to the excellent stress resistance to fatigue.

3) Flame retardant

The flammability of the material is the ability to maintain the combustion after gaining high energy from the oxygen and nitrogen mixture. The accepted standard for measuring flammability is UL94 by first igniting a vertical sample of a predetermined shape and then measuring the time taken for the material to be extinguished automatically. PEEK test results for the V-0, which is the optimal level of flame retardant.

4) Stability

PEEK plastic materials have excellent dimensional stability characteristics, which for some applications, some very important. Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions on the size of PEEK parts of the impact of small, can meet the requirements of the size of the requirements of high operating conditions.

1. PEEK plastic material injection molding shrinkage is small, which control the PEEK injection molded parts of the size tolerance range is very good, so that the accuracy of PEEK parts than the size of GM is much higher;

2. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, with the temperature changes (from the ambient temperature changes or during the operation caused by friction heat), PEEK parts of the size change is very small;

3. Dimensional stability is good, the dimensional stability of plastic refers to the engineering plastics products in the use or storage process of dimensional stability of the performance, the size of the change is mainly because the activation of polymer molecules can be improved, so that the segment has a The degree of curl;

4. PEEK heat-resistant hydrolysis characteristics prominent in high temperature and high humidity environment is very low water absorption, there will not be similar to nylon and other general plastic due to water and make significant changes in the size of the situation;

Insulation stability

 PEEK (PEEK) plastic raw materials have good electrical insulation properties and are kept to a very high temperature range. Its dielectric loss in the case of high frequency is also very small

Resistance to radiation and resistance to stripping

  PEEK (PEEK) plastic raw materials resin has good resistance to radiation and resistance to stripping, it can be used to make special-purpose electromagnetic wire.

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