PA6T material properties

- Mar 11, 2019-

PA6T material properties


   PA6T is a modified nylon 6T based on terephthalic acid, adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine with a melting point of up to 310 °C. The main characteristics of PA6T/66 are excellent high temperature rigidity, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. The outstanding properties make PA6T widely used in many fields including automotive parts, mechanical parts and electrical/electronic parts. The following PA6T refers to PA6T/66.


Main characteristics

   Of course, different parts often have different requirements and specifications, and the requirements for the materials used vary. Mitsui Chemicals has formulated various grades of PA6T for a variety of different needs. Overall, the main features of PA6T are as follows:

1. Excellent solder resistance

PA6T has a very high melting point (310 ° C) and a high heat distortion temperature (about 290 ° C), so that excellent reflow solderability can be exhibited. The excellent solder resistance makes the PA6T particularly suitable for use in electronic connectors for surface mount technology (SMT).

2. Excellent high temperature rigidity

PA6T maintains a relatively high modulus at high temperatures, such as 55% of the modulus at 23 ° C at 120 ° C. This means that PA6T maintains stability and excellent rigidity over a wide temperature range.

3. Excellent chemical resistance

4. Low water absorption

For nylon resins, the water absorption of PA6T is quite low, only 1/4 to 1/3 of nylon 66. Therefore, the physical properties of PA6T due to water absorption are relatively small.

5. Excellent dimensional stability

The water absorption of PA6T is quite low, and the dimensional change due to water absorption is rather small. The thermal expansion coefficient of PA6T is quite stable and remains at a relatively low level in the high temperature range, and therefore dimensional stability against temperature changes is good. In addition, PA6T has little warpage due to the molding process. That is to say, PA6T has excellent dimensional stability.

6. Excellent liquidity

PA6T has good melt fluidity and is easily processed by injection molding. In addition, PA6T also has excellent thin-wall formability, making it suitable for processing small parts.

7. It is not easy to burr when forming

The PA6T also has a characteristic inherent in nylon that is less prone to burrs during injection molding.

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