PA6 Material

- Apr 07, 2017-

PA6 nylon 6 Material


Typical Applications:

   Due to the good mechanical strength and stiffness are widely used in structural parts. Because of the good wear resistance characteristics, but also for the manufacture of bearings.

Injection molding process conditions:

Drying: Because PA6 is easy to absorb moisture, so dry before processing should pay special attention. If the material is supplied with a waterproof material, the container should be kept closed. If the humidity is greater than 0.2%, it is recommended to dry in hot air above 80C for 16 hours. If the material has been exposed in the air for more than 8 hours, it is recommended to carry out 105, 8 hours or more vacuum drying.

Melting temperature: 230 ~ 280, for the enhanced varieties of 250 ~ 280.

Mold temperature: 80 ~ 90. Mold temperature significantly affects crystallinity, and crystallinity affects the mechanical properties of the plastic parts.

    For the structural parts of the degree of crystallinity is very important, it is recommended mold temperature of 80 ~ 90. For thin-walled, long-process plastic parts also recommend the use of a higher mold temperature. Increasing the mold temperature can increase the strength and rigidity of the plastic parts, but reduces the toughness.

    If the wall thickness is greater than 3mm, it is recommended to use 20 ~ 40 low temperature mold. For glass reinforced material mold temperature should be greater than 80.

Injection pressure: generally between 750 and 1250 bar (depending on material and product design).

Injection speed: high speed (slightly reduced for enhanced material).

Runners and gates:

   Since the coagulation time of PA6 is very short, the position of the gate is very important. The gate diameter should not be less than 0.5 * T   (Where the T is the thickness of the plastic production). If hot runner is used, the gate size should be smaller than using a conventional flow path because the hot runner can help prevent premature solidification of the material. If the submersible gate is used, the minimum diameter of the gate should be 0.75mm.

Chemical and physical properties:

    The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are very similar to PA66, however, it has a lower melting point and a wide process temperature range. Its impact resistance and anti-solubility is better than PA66, but the hygroscopicity is also stronger. Because many of the quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by the hygroscopicity, so the use of PA6 design products to take full account of this point. In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, often add a variety of modifiers. Glass is the most common additive, sometimes in order to improve the impact resistance also added synthetic rubber, such as EPDM and SBR and so on.

    For products without additives, the shrinkage of PA6 is between 1% and 1.5%. Adding glass fiber additives can reduce the shrinkage to 0.3% (but slightly higher in the direction perpendicular to the process). The shrinkage of the molded assembly is mainly affected by the crystallinity and hygroscopicity of the material. The actual shrinkage ratio is also related to the design of plastic parts, wall thickness and other process parameters.


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