Mold engineering management main work

- Sep 26, 2017-

Mold engineering management main work


1.      Mold Target Planning, process tracking, result tracking, all need to take charge for target result.


2.      Mold project engineer will be involved in the early supplier involved for the mold design phase and help customer to do the DFM ( design for manufacturing) for better risk and cost control. After the DFM finished ,the project manager should organize of the various departments of for process meeting  of each steps. Small and medium mold enterprises you can organize a few people in the computer next to a short time to complete the review, mold project manager should have a good recording to ensure that all the problems are closed to avoid risks. Many small and medium mold boss may think that the meeting is waste of time, in fact, this is the most effective way to avoid follow-up risk, the most strong technical experts also have lights under the black and can’t see the problem, after a brief and detailed assessment it can be effectively avoided Risk and future problems.



3.      Mold engineering management is an important work for the process of tracking, coordination of resources, dealing with emergency things. But it is also the most challenge of mold engineering staff work in the small and medium mold factory due to the imperfect process system, often meet some deviation in the process of continuous processing, mold workers need to timely and effective management and judgment, and will not cause nobody to control the parts Processing delay and other issues; try to organize the project after the relevant personnel to test the results of the trial, the development of repair plans, project summary and make a record.


4.      Since the mold project is responsible for the final results of the mold, he is the leader of the project, mold factory owners will give them the corresponding rights, such as: resource all location rights, project assessment rights, etc., each section of the planning data, try to use data assessment to avoid passing. Project managers can rate each project member and even determine the performance of the project member. It is necessary to have the responsibility to give the corresponding rights, otherwise the responsibility is out of the question.



5.      Mold Engineering Organization of the meeting review in fact decide the entire mold processing technology, reasonable coordination of the allocation of resources, assessment to avoid the follow-up risks, mold processing efficiency is higher, and effectively avoid the process risk, mold costs can naturally be reduced .


6. Mold enterprises in the mold engineering staff's ability is very important, they are the company's technical summary, can effectively carry out technical precipitation. Mold engineering staff training is very important to consciously cultivate and to stay that it is best to special training, such as: a project management personnel to deal with a particular type of mold, full-time, conducive to the technical management to do fine, it will be very obvious in long time, small and medium enterprises should to pay more attention.


    Mold engineering management is a great knowledge, there are many management theory and methods, do not use the fuzzy, rough mold engineering management model. We need to continue to learn and apply the new management model and management methods. How to play the role of mold engineering management is also a big issue, the management will be a good way to reduce the cost of mold in a very effective way, the process is reasonable, smooth processing, shorter delivery time, less risk of the project, mold injection costs naturally lower . So mold engineering management capacity worthy of mold manufacturing enterprises attach great importance Step by step to do a good job in order to develop. 

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 Published by The Business Director  Mr Jeson Chen of Asia Billion Industry at 2017-9-26.

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