Medical Plastic Injection Mold Manufactures in China

- Jun 14, 2017-

China 's medical equipment and mold development status


1, medical device industry development status analysis

(1) industry scale analysis

China's medical equipment industry from small to large, rapid development, has now become a relatively complete product categories, innovative ability to continuously enhance the market demand is very strong sunrise industry. In particular, in recent years, the medical device industry to further accelerate the pace of continuous multi-year output value to maintain double-digit growth, the number of product exports and technological content is also rising.

According to the China Medical Materials Association Medical Devices Branch sampling survey statistics, 2015 China's medical device market sales of about 308 billion yuan, compared with fiscal year 2015 255.6 billion yuan increased by 52.4 billion yuan, the average growth rate of about 20.05%. In recent years, medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry output growth rate of view, the rapid development of medical devices faster than the pharmaceutical industry.

(2) industry product structure

From the past three years, China's medical device market product structure, image diagnostic equipment to occupy the largest market share in recent years are maintained at around 40%, and was on the rise; followed by various types of supplies, accounting for about 20% Market share; orthopedic and implantable medical device market share declining; the remaining market share by dental and other types of equipment occupied.


2, medical equipment mold market demand scale

Medical equipment about 10,000 kinds of products, 34 categories, 4,000 enterprises, such as health care equipment, polymer plastic products is part of it, almost all parts involved in mold. Large to high pressure oxygen chamber, small to hearing aids, heart pacemakers, polymer composite materials, bio-life engineering, medical equipment, spare parts and components supporting the production of precision, ultra-precision molds in medical equipment manufacturing has a pivotal position.

3, medical equipment mold market development characteristics

(1) medical equipment mold market gap

At present, China's medical equipment in the mold only 2% of the global share of drugs and medical equipment consumption ratio of only 2.5: 1, while the developed countries are 1: 1; the United States in the medical plastics per capita annual consumption of $ 300, while China Only 30 yuan, showing the development potential of the big.

(2) China's medical equipment mold quality to be improved

China's medical mold life is low, mold life is generally only about 1/3 of foreign advanced level, long production cycle, poor quality and stability and long-term problems plagued by the development of the industry to be resolved. At the same time, China's research and development capabilities, personnel quality, mold design and manufacturing of the basic theory and technology research and so there is a big gap, resulting in new areas of mold development and new product development on the slow, high-tech The proportion of the proportion of mold than abroad also much lower about 60% abroad, less than 40% of the country.

(3) China's medical equipment mold business competitiveness to be improved

China's medical mold enterprises have the production of some core medical equipment mold capacity. The enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, although it has ability, but no advanced production standards and quality control, so the quality of the product to be improved.


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