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- Jun 01, 2017-

The future development trend of plastic mold

        With the increase in the level of CNC machining equipment, enterprises have to increase the intensity of plastic mold development, plastic mold has become the most attractive varieties of mold "cheese." In recent years, China's plastic mold development speed is quite fast. At present, the proportion of plastic mold in the mold industry is about 30%. With China's auto, home appliances, electronic communications, the rapid development of various building materials, is expected in the future mold market, the proportion of plastic molds total mold will gradually increase, and the development speed will be faster than other molds.

        Injection molds are parts that give plastic in shape and size during molding. Although the structure of the mold due to plastic varieties and performance, the shape and structure of plastic products and the type of injection machine may be different, but the basic structure is consistent. Mold mainly by the casting system, forming parts and structural parts of three parts. The casting system and the molding parts are in direct contact with the plastic parts, and with the plastic and products and changes, is the most complex mold, the largest change, requiring processing of the highest degree of finish and precision.

        The pouring system refers to the flow of plastic from the nozzle into the cavity before the flow, including the main channel, cold material **, shunt and gate and so on. Molding parts are the various parts that make up the shape of the product, including dynamic mold, mold and cavity, core, forming rod and exhaust port.

        Injection molding process of the production of plastic products, great to meet the people's production and living needs, because the injection molding method of production of plastic parts fast, accurate size, etc. At present, most of the plastic products are by injection molding method Production, which also makes China's injection molding processing industry has been leap-forward development.

        Plastic performance continues to improve, but also makes the plastic parts gradually into the various industries, the current building materials, automobiles, home appliances, electronics and other areas of the annual demand for plastic products is still relatively strong. The rapid development of these industries is also the development of China's plastic products industry has entered a rapid development stage, in particular, plastic injection molding molding methods of production of plastic parts. But with the development of the times, China's injection molding industry has also emerged a variety of problems, the future not only to solve these problems but also clear the future direction of development.

        The common problems in the injection molding industry are: the simple OEM production methods, the backwardness of machinery and equipment, the lack of investment in R & D, the backwardness of production management, etc. The future market demand for injection molded products is definitely higher and higher. Is like cars, home appliances and other fields used in the injection molding products.

        So the future development of the injection molding industry must break the existing mode of production, in order to get more profits must be changed from OEM to ODM, must be from simple injection to the direction of precision injection molding processing, must be from simple plastic injection to Engineering plastics injection molding processing direction, must be from the extensive development to the direction of energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Only by grasping the future of these large development direction, China's injection mold processing industry in the world of injection molding industry based.

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