Knowledge of injection mould maintenance knowledge

- Nov 10, 2016-

Injection mold is used to produce plastic products is a tool, and this kind of mold is exquisite is configuration and produce the people to be able to use the product, so this kind of mold still plays a big role, in terms of the mould, is also need maintenance, this can make the service life of mould is more long, also can produce more products.
 First is to pay attention to the surface of the mold maintenance, namely appearance maintenance, can't let the appearance of this kind of mold damage, also is can't let its corrosion, if appearance is affected, so about the quality of the products is also a great impact, so the appearance of mold maintenance is a must.
The second is to regularly to clean of injection mold, and to ensure the health of the mould, for production, clean mould produce better products, and this also is, won't make mold contamination.
Finally is to the mould parts for testing, if failed mold, this is to avoid mold failure and affect production, so do these aspects of maintenance, the injection mold is able to work better for production.

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