Introduction to injection mold mold temperature control

- Nov 10, 2016-

     Radiation, convection and conduction heat transfer means has three, the heat generated by the plastic into the mold in the mold by conduction heat absorbed by the mould accounted for 95%, by radiation and convection to about 5% in the air, in the process of injection process, the influence factors of the change in temperature is the most important, even more has great influence to the quality of the finished product, indirect influence the production efficiency.
Mold temperature control mode, it is in the cooling pipe flow of liquid cooling mold, because the water is quite cheap, so water is used as the primary coolant cooling mold, water could lead to the mold by rapid cooling time. Colder mold is usually more effective, because this can have a faster production cycle time. But, this is not necessarily correct, because part of the material is too cold actually have the opposite effect.
Mold usually use beryllium copper insert to improve mold cooling effect
Mould at the site of the bad heat dissipation (such as: plastic parts around the part of the package) can also be beryllium copper material with good thermal conductivity will heat away on the rapid transfer to the cooling water, so as to achieve the effect of cooling.
Also has a high melting temperature of plastic heating injection mould, such as using resistance wire heating rods embedded in the mold plate heated mold.
Adopted by the mold cooling liquid, oil and water two classes; Usually common for three kinds of water, ice and water to add antifreeze.
Conversely when the need to increase the mold temperature, hot water heating is used mold.

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