Introduction of PPO/PA alloy plastic materials

- Jun 30, 2019-

Introduction of PPO/PA alloy plastic materials

  Both PPO (polyphenylene ether) resin and PA (nylon) resin are engineering plastics with a wide range of applications. PPO is an amorphous material with excellent heat resistance, outstanding mechanical properties and electrical insulation, good dimensional stability, excellent chemical stability and good creep resistance. It is one of the most important engineering plastics, but its impact resistance is poor. It has high melt viscosity and poor processability, which greatly limits its application in certain fields. PA66 resin is a crystalline material, and has a low melt viscosity, good fluidity and easy processing, but is easy to absorb water, has poor dimensional stability, and has poor heat resistance. PPO and PA blending compatibilization technology can be used to obtain PPO/PA alloys with both PPO and PA advantages, such as excellent heat resistance, excellent processing properties, excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. At present, the PPO/PA materials suitable for thinning are of great concern at home and abroad, especially in the electronics industry. Although the PPO/PA alloy modified by the blending compatibilization technology has improved process ability, it still cannot meet the injection molding. Requirements for processing larger sized thin-walled parts.

  The nylon+PPO alloy material not only maintains the heat resistance, weather resistance and molding processability of nylon, but also improves the rigidity when heated under low load, and can withstand the high temperature during drying of automobile body coatings. PPO/PA alloy can withstand 190 ° C high temperature, and has excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, oil resistance, electrical insulation, impact resistance.

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