Selection of common steel materials and internal mold materials

- Apr 10, 2018-

Selection of common steel materials and internal mold materials


1. Common steel


1》. Ordinary steel: Sweden 618  Germany 638  United States P20    pre-hard HRC28-32.


2》. Pre-hardened high-quality steel: Sweden 718H   Germany 738  Austria M238     pre-hard HRC31-34.


3》. Pre-hardened high hardness mirror steel: Japan  NAK55  NAK80    pre-hard HRC37-43.


4》. Pre-hardened anti-corrosion mirror steel:  Sweden S136H     pre-hard HRC32-34.


5》. Anti-corrosion mirror steel:  Sweden S136   United States 420 Quenching     hardness HRC50-52


6》. Die-casting steel:   Sweden 8407. Germany 2344. Austria W302 .Japan Hitachi FDAC.USA H13 .Japan SKD61 Hardened hardness ,  HRC48-52      8407 Used for quenching HRC43±2° of moving parts,  and then need to nitriding


7》.Oil Steel : United States 01 ,Sweden DF-2 Quenching ,Hardness HRC54-568. Toughness High Chromium Steel (for fiber material, good wear resistance) Sweden XW-41, XW-42, Japan Tatung DC53, United States D2, Japan SKD11 Quenching ,Hardness HRC56-60 .


8》. Toughness high chromium steel (better wear resistance)    United States M2.  Japan SKH9 (SKH51).  Quenching hardness HRC65-68



2. The selection of inner mold steel is divided by mould life:


1>.Testing mold:    The life of the general test mold is 1000 to 50000. Usually the steel with cheaper price, such as 45#. 1050, S55C, 1730, etc., is used. At the same time, the appearance cannot have too high requirements.


2> .100,000 cycles or less low-volume mold:   use ordinary steel, such as 638, P20, 718, 


3>. 30-50 million times:  use pre-hardened steels such as NAK80, 738, etc.; acid materials use S136H or S136, 8407 after quenching


4>.80-100 million times:  The guide bushing of the mold blank cooperates with H7/f6, selects S136, 8407, quenches HRC50-52


5>. 2 Million times:   mold embryo hardness> 35 degrees, guide column guide sleeve with H7/g6, use XW-42, M2, SKD11, quenching hardness above HRC54

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