How to maintain plastic Injection mold?

- Feb 26, 2019-

How to maintain plastic Injection mold?

  As a professional plastic mold manufacturer, Asia Billion summarizes the basic maintenance knowledge of several basic plastic molds and develops basic maintenance habits to extend the life of the mold:

 First, the maintenance of the mold before production:

1. The oil on the surface of the mold must be cleaned and the rust cleaned. Check if there is any foreign matter in the cooling water hole of the casting mold. Is there any water passage?

2. It is necessary to check whether the arc in the mold rubber sleeve is damaged, whether there is residual foreign matter, whether the moving part is abnormal, and whether the movement is smooth.

Second, the maintenance of the mold in production

1. Check all the guided guide posts of the mold every day, whether the guide bush is damaged, including the mold guide post, the row position, the insert insert and other components, and regularly refuel it.

2. Clean the foreign body glue wire, foreign matter, oil, etc. of the mold parting surface and the exhaust groove and check whether the thimble of the mold is abnormal and regularly oil, and clean the mold surface and the flow surface twice a day. Guide the tip, bushing, and position to determine the tip of the oil once a day.

3. Regularly check whether the water path of the mold is unblocked and tighten all the fastening screws.

4. Check if the limit switch of the mold is abnormal, and whether the oblique pin or the inclined top is abnormal.

Third, the maintenance of the shutdown mold

Before shutting down, the cooling water circuit must be closed, the residual water in the water path in the mold should be blown off, and the surface of the mold should be checked for residual rubber filaments. After cleaning the foreign materials, evenly spray the anti-rust agent and fill in the relevant records accurately.

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