How to improve the wear resistance of the surface of the injection mold and the toughness of the base material?

- Feb 26, 2019-

How to improve the wear resistance of the surface of the injection mold and the toughness of the base material?

  TD mold surface super-hardening treatment technology, using the principle of TD (Thermal Diffusion Carbide Coating Process), is to process the workpiece to the borax molten salt and its special medium at a certain processing temperature, the automobile mold passes the special molten salt The metal atoms in the metal react with the carbon and nitrogen atoms in the workpiece to diffuse on the surface of the workpiece to form a layer of metal carbide such as vanadium, niobium, chromium or titanium of several micrometers to twenty micrometers.


1. Significantly improve the service life of tooling or workpieces, saving production costs or operating costs.

2. Greatly improve the appearance of the product, improve the uniformity of product size, and improve product quality.

3. Significantly saves maintenance time and labor intensity, and reduces losses caused by maintenance downtime.

4. Reduced friction coefficient, greatly improved anti-seizure performance, no lubrication or reduced lubrication or no need for advanced lubrication products.

Features of mold TD processing:

  With the development of society (automotive industry), people have higher requirements for all aspects. In order to meet this demand, especially for the safety requirements of automobiles, the strength of steel used in automobiles is increasing, and the requirements for mold quality are constantly increasing. The mold is easy to be pulled during the production process. In order to solve the problem of the strain of the mold, we must strengthen the surface of the automobile mold. There are many kinds of intensive processing, and TD processing is currently the most suitable and practical.

   After the mold is processed by TD, the wear resistance of the mold surface and the toughness of the base material are greatly improved. Under normal conditions, the service life of the mold is increased by more than 8 times compared with the ordinary mold; at the same time, the defective rate of the product is reduced by 10%. The above; also saves the number of repeated mold repairs, molds, and more importantly reflects the cost of production from all aspects.

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