How to do the first level maintenance of plastic mold ?

- May 07, 2019-

How to do the first level maintenance of plastic mold ?

   People need regular medical examinations and molds are needed. People may have a physical examination once a year, but the molds are different. The molds in production are subject to physical examination every day. Then why do you have a physical examination? What is the physical examination? Please see below. You will know that the mold also needs regular physical examination.

   The first step is to do the maintenance on the injection molding machine. The reason for the first-level maintenance is that the mold will produce the following conditions: there will be splashing of the chips, the lubrication of the lubricant will result in insufficient lubrication, the loose parts will cause hidden dangers, and other situations. It is very necessary to do the first-level maintenance. The contents of the first-level maintenance are as follows:

1. During the production process, wipe the dust, oil, and scraps on the parting surface with a cloth every 8 hours. Pay attention to the front and rear molds. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the mirror/patterned mold to prevent scratches.

2. During the production process, apply lubricating oil to the sliding part of the mold guide column and the slider every day, and once the thimble oil (white/transparent special products, do not use liquid thimble oil). Prevent wear or seizure.

3. During the production process, it is necessary to check whether the mold slider and thimble action are abnormal, whether the ejector pin is too long, and whether the spring is broken. If any problems are found, they should be stopped immediately.

4. In the production process, if the sticking mold is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the squad leader should be notified in time to prevent the stamper. It is strictly forbidden to use the diagonal pliers, knives, etc. to directly take the adhesive mold products to prevent injury to the mold. Be careful when taking sticky products!

5. If the machine is shut down during production, the chilled water should be turned off immediately to prevent the mold from rusting.

6. When repairing the mold, if only the lower half of the mold, the mold on the machine should be protected to prevent damage to the mold.

7. Before the lower mold, the water in the waterway and the mold should be blown clean. After wiping the parting surface, check whether the mold is damaged. If the mold has problems, open the mold and pay the mold group, the product problem needs to provide 3 mold samples for repairing the mold; if the mold is no problem, spray the rust inhibitor and send it to the unloading area for neatness.

8. If there is any problem with the mold, please contact the mold group for treatment. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair the mold without knowing the mold technology to prevent damage to the mold.

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