How to control the dimension of injection molded products? ( part two)

- May 27, 2019-

How to control the dimension of injection molded products? ( part two)

Second, the control of molding process manufacturing

    Although comprehensive consideration and arrangement have been carried out in the design stage, there are still many problems and difficulties in actual production. We should try our best to meet the original intention of the design in production and find out that the actual processing is more effective and more economical. 

1. Select economical machine tools for 2D and 3D processing.

2, can also consider the appropriate fixtures for auxiliary preparation in production, the rational use of the tool, to prevent deformation of the product parts, to prevent fluctuations in the shrinkage of the product parts, to prevent demoulding deformation of the product parts, improve the precision of mold manufacturing, reduce Small errors, prevent mold accuracy changes, etc., a series of production process requirements and solutions.

3. Here is a summary of the causes of the dimensional error of the molded parts of the British Plastics Association (BPF) and the distribution of the proportions:

A: The mold manufacturing error is about 1/3, the error caused by the wear of the mold is 1/6C. The error caused by the unevenness of the shrinkage of the formed part is about 1/3, and the error caused by the difference between the predetermined shrinkage rate and the actual shrinkage rate is about 1/6

   The total error = A + B + C + D, so it can be seen that the mold manufacturing tolerance should be less than 1/3 of the dimensional tolerance of the formed part, otherwise the mold is difficult to guarantee the geometrical dimensions of the formed part.

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