How to avoid deformation in mould manufacturing

- Nov 10, 2016-

Plastic mold factory for mould manufacturing often encountered in the process of the mould manufacturing deformation occurs, the list is simple, but how to operate? Here are some specific what is it? The first to say is that the structure of the plastic mold factory, mold. Some of the processing points:
(1) the thickness of the products as far as possible even.
(2) all parts of the design of the cooling system to make the mold cavity temperature uniformity, gating system to make the material flow symmetry to avoid warping caused by shrinkage of different flow direction, the appropriate bold more difficult forming part of the shunt way, mainstream way, try to eliminate the density difference between the inside the cavity, pressure difference and temperature difference.
(3) the thickness of the transition zone of fabrication and corner are smooth enough, to want to have good demoulding, redundancy, such as increasing stripping, improve the mold surface polishing, ejection system to maintain balance.
(4) exhaust to good.
(5) adjust the deformation of wall thickness to compensate for the parts, or increase the stiffener to enhance ability to resist buckling parts.
(6) insufficient strength of materials used in the mold plastic mold factory

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