How does project management reduce mold costs ?

- Sep 25, 2017-

How does project management reduce mold costs ?

   I am talking about the mold project is actually the mold of the project management, how to use mold engineering management to reduce the cost of mold. The above two articles probably introduced the pre-evaluation of ESI, mold design how to reduce the overall cost of mold, I always think that the impact of mold costs of the three key factors are: pre-product feasibility assessment ESI, mold design, mold engineering management. Why are these three key factors? It is not that the other is not important. Because these three are the key to mold technology, is a measure of a mold factory technical capacity of the most critical factors. Mold materials, tools, machine rates, depreciation and other costs are almost no difference between each business, the price is almost transparent, cost compression space is limited. The key is that your mold through the technology and optimize the management to reduce the mold manufacturing costs and the use of cost. The key is reflected in the injection section of the benefits.


  Mold engineering management personnel in different business requirements and the role is also different, such as the management of large-scale mold enterprises, because the process system is relatively perfect, each section of the division of labor, performance appraisal fine, technical strength, then the role of mold engineering is organized meetings, Control node, follow up the transaction. Work for 3 years and the mold base to understand the engineers can be competent. Small and medium-sized molds injection molding enterprises on the mold project management requirements will be much higher, because they assume more technical roles, and coordination of the work of passing the world, both to understand the technology but also to understand the project management, The Small and medium mold enterprises are often the lack of such talent, can not afford such a talent, not even pay attention to cultivate such talent, training also could not retain. This is also the pain of small and medium enterprises.


Mold engineering management to have the basic ability:

1. The mold structure, each section of the processing technology should be familiar with, most of them from the experienced fitter, it is best to design and work in the fitter has served as a staff, with secondary school or higher

2. Have a strong plan, coordination, communication skills, focus on training project management capabilities

3. Conference organization and conference summary capacity

4. Must be proactive, able to withstand the pressure, to have assertive

5. Small and medium mold enterprises have the best technical ability and prestige of qualified people in the mold factory each section of the passing thing is very much, have the ability to coordinate, can not be one who tries never to offend anybody all the time.

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