Factors affecting the quality of plastic moulds

- Jul 18, 2017-

Factors affecting the quality of plastic moulds


  Mold manufacturing process is a complex process, from the design, processing, assembly, commissioning and other steps, the last can be truly put into use, throughout the life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of the mold mainly have the following 12 aspects.

1) Not to be ignored the impact of the mold quality of the top ten factors die steel is the decisive factor in the quality of the mold, the choice of reasonable steel is the most important. 

2) The production design and mould design: the production design should not have weak and sharp corner, these will cause some risk for small steel or sharp corners , these places will effect the production life and maybe broken in the mass production.  The mould design should be easy,stable and strong enough , if not , it also will cause some problem and even scrap the mold . Reasonable mold structure can effectively prolong the die life and ensure the smooth production of molds. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

3) Plastic injection materials Requirements: different plastics to choose different steel, such as high polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements and so on; price-steel performance is good enough, not the more expensive the better; taking into account the cost factors of mold, die steel to choose and die life of the corresponding materials, to avoid unnecessary waste; Generally P20 life expectancy is about 300,000; 2738, 500,000 no problem, H13, 2344 is usually above 801 million, can choose according to the situation; 

4) The surface treatment of molds is also very important. Nitriding can enhance the surface hardness of steel, effective extension of die life; electroplating-can effectively modify the mold steel, for some need high brightness and corrosion-resistant plastic parts can use electroplating to enhance and improve the performance of steel structure design mature mold structure Not only considering the 

5) product material properties: Shrinkage rate, forming temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient and so on, and the precision injection molding plastic should be as easiler as possible when we design it , it is important to control the accurancy in later production. 

  6)The arrangement of mould process is particularly important, and the reasonable process arrangement can accelerate the production cycle, shorten the processing time and save the cost effectively. And more importantly, accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the mold in the production process stability and prolong the life. Machining errors will lead to the mold welding, no matter how good the welding, to die is a loss; In addition, the processing is not good and may affect the mold movement, reduce the die life, resulting in the mold in the production process of tension and even broken.

  7)Standard parts are the lowest of a wooden bar that determines the bucket capacity. This is understandable, but it is often not noticed when you do it. Mold is the same, standard parts, although not directly involved in molding, but control the entire operation of the mold. Good standard parts should be able to wear, hard, high precision, not suitable for deformation.

 8)  To Touch (mold fitting) depend on the experience of the mold toolmaker, seemingly simple live is the most technical content of the work. Complex molds mainly see this technics. Flat mold is the simplest, the fractal surface as long as there is no flying fault on the OK. Like auto parts mold is very troublesome, not only the shape is more irregular and often include multiple sliders, lifters. At the same time, it can also improve the mold other problems. So it is a comprehensive work.


   9) Polishing, mold polishing is the final step in the manufacture of molds. The polishing is directly reflected on the plastic parts, so this is a job that affects the face. Polishing can also play a role in helping and complementing mold movements, especially for demoulding. some mold production is not smooth because the polish is not enough, the resistance is too large, demoulding difficulties, even the become white, scratch , crack and so on.


 10)  Mold assembly die assembly is like assembling machines, each part, each screw can not be wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, light result in product defects, affect production, even the mold can wastage. So the assembly must be very detailed work. In particular, the Assembly process should pay attention to the cleaning of molds, especially waterways, screw holes, must be blown clean inside the iron filings.


 11)  Hot runner or cold flow channel this is actually the smallest impact on the quality of the mold, because the hot runner is generally a designated brand of customers, especially some big customers. Foreign well-known brands no matter the quality or after-sales service to do is not bad, so the quality generally will not have problems. But some of the hot runner in China is very different in quality. Individual small enterprises in order to save costs, to strive for price advantage, with some unreliable heating and conduction accessories, it is easy to problem. And the main problem of cold runner is how to ensure the balance of injection, gate size, injection pressure and so on.


  12)  Cooling Water channel: The people who have experience in the mold know how important cooling is to a mold. As prices and human wages grow, it is important to reduce the profit generated by the one-second injection cycle in high-volume production. But faster production cycle will be the rise of the mold temperature, if we don’t control it, the mold can be damaged or we can’t get the correct parts because too hot. Therefore, the excellent water channel design is particularly important, including the water distribution density, diameter, link between each other and so on.


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