Early project development will become a new trend in the development of plastic mold industry

- Mar 27, 2019-

Early project development will become a new trend in the development of plastic mold industry

   At present, TV sets and display cases, air conditioner housings, motorcycle plastic parts, etc. have been developed in advance, that is, to greatly improve the development capability, and push the development work forward as much as possible until the product development of the mold user is involved. Even before the explicit user object is developed, it becomes passive and active. In addition, the development of mobile phone and telephone molds has also begun. This practice has broken the long-term, mold factory can only wait for a contract, in order to carry out the passive design of mold design according to user requirements.

   With the improvement of the design and processing level of mold enterprises, the manufacture of molds has changed from relying on the skills of the fitter to relying mainly on technology. This is not only a change in production means, but also a change in production methods and an increase in ideas. This trend has led to the continuous improvement of the standardization of the mold, the higher and higher precision of the mold, the shorter and shorter production cycle, and the lower and lower proportion of the fitter, which has finally promoted the overall improvement of the overall level of the mold industry.

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