Analysis of Development Trend for Automobile plastic Mold Enterprise

- May 17, 2017-

Analysis of Development Trend for Automobile plastic Mold Enterprise

   Analysis of the status many of automobile mold enterprises In the marketing, we can analyze the development status of automobile enterprises from many angles.

1. Clear enterprise development orientation and direction

We need to distinguish between the internal and external environment of enterprise development, detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises and the analysis of the standard, the enterprise itself has any advantages of resources, what products can be done to open up the service which part of the market and customers, In order to market segments and products on the basis of clear enterprise development positioning and strategy, a clear enterprise product development direction, so as to fully optimize the integration of their own resources to avoid blind, repeat investment, and truly business quality Steadily improve.

2. establishing a Chinese mold brand car mold brand is the quality, delivery, service and cost-effective. Quality is a prerequisite, the user requirements of the quality of endless, which determines the enterprise must vigorously strengthen and enhance the quality of full awareness, to further achieve the quality of domestic automobile mold work a major breakthrough, is committed to improving the level of surface design refinement.

We learned from various enterprises and factories, domestic mold delivery time generally greatly improvement, some projects even better than foreign suppliers. Quality, delivery time complement each other, especially in the final acceptance phase of the comprehensive quality of the breakthrough ability, directly affect the delivery time can be reduced. These factors are conducive to enhance the overall image of domestic automobile mold, to build a car power of the important significance.

3. To enhance customer satisfaction

The key to improving customer satisfaction is to accurately grasp the needs of customers and a deep understanding of them, and then in the mold manufacturing to be reflected in all aspects, so as to achieve a fundamental satisfaction. Proactive communication is the basis for accurate grasp of customer needs. In foreign projects, the automotive mold industry can be targeted through the recruitment of foreign experts to effectively improve and effective communication with foreign customers; in domestic projects, the automobile mold factory to set up a targeted professional customer work team to reduce duplication of communication The number of times. At the same time, in the project organization, the automobile mold factory interior to fully do the customer needs in different processes between the information transmission, to ensure that the demand is fully and accurately implemented. Only to effectively improve customer satisfaction, in order to keep or consolidate the existing market, through the market reputation to expand new customers.

4. Adhere to technological innovation

Independent innovation is the most important. Review our decades of mold development, from the introduction of a full set of technology to imitate, and then to the reform and opening up after the uninterrupted learning, including sent to the world advanced mold enterprise training, and world-class enterprise joint development and design, hire foreign technical experts , Set up a joint design firm abroad, and so on. However, it can’t be ignored is that in today's context and the environment, technological innovation and even the original is already very important and urgent, only through technological innovation in order to more effectively enhance the brand value. 5. To enhance the digital manufacturing technology, mold structure design, continue to develop to improve the efficiency of the design tools, refining the standard structure, the development of automated design module. China has been able to develop some difficult car stamping multi-station continuous mode. At present, the car stamping multi-station continuous mode is an important future development direction. In the structural design of the interference detection, some mold factory has begun to use the virtual stamping technology for mold action analysis.

Integrated processing technology research focus is based on improving efficiency to reduce manufacturing costs, to achieve processing procedures, insert the independent processing of NC and surface of the high-speed CNC machining, and after processing online inspection. 6. To promote the level of manufacturing through information technology upgrades

Mold single-piece manufacturing of the property, we pragmatic to promote the construction of information technology, information management and non-graphical production is the development direction of mold manufacturing. It is an important work of China Mold Association since 2005, and now most of the mold manufacturing enterprises have CAD / CAE / CAM system, the application level has a substantial increase. After the focus of the main focus on the implementation of PDM, ERP, through the PDM to open up the information on the manufacturing chain of information to achieve the manufacturing of information, through the ERP to open up the management of information on the island to achieve management, especially cost management information.

7. Optimize the quality of operations and profitability

To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is facing the common task, in addition to mutual learning, learn from the practice of foreign advanced enterprises, the industry should also be hard to apply for internal strength, enhance the core competitiveness. For example, how to optimize the process in the manufacturing process, to create the most competitive cost advantage with international practice; how to optimize or reengineering the process in the management process, the establishment of rapid response to market response "agile manufacturing" delivery model; in quality control and assurance On how to vigorously promote the core, key technology research, improve product added value, through technical improvement to promote quality improvement; in the enterprise human resources development, on the basis of the development of the enterprise, How to strengthen the post training and on-the-job training, improve the quality of the staff, etc., are worthy of the industry to explore and practice.

     8. Construct a harmonious enterprise, realize the growth of employees and enterprises

    To achieve the long-term business and development, we must balance the interests of employees and enterprises to achieve the internal harmony, so that employees have developed, and the formation of the fate of the community! At the same time, automobile mold manufacturing enterprises and domestic mold materials, casting and forging and standard parts together work together to continuously improve the level of China's body mold manufacturing.


    Asia Billion Industry Co Limited ( ABIL) is a professional mechanical manufacturing from concept design to mass production, we have a more than 20 years experienced engineering team and use the developed software, under this team of expert engineers and mold makers allow us to turn your 3D CAD model into a fully functional prototype or production part using proper grade resins and mold steel ,more consistently, more feasibility and lower cost than any other companies. When you start your project, you can ask us to join your design team for mechanical component, especially for plastic molding enclosures and metal machined parts. We will do the analysis of your function with our proposal until it is ok for all steps. This step we call it for DFM (Design For Manufacturability), It include. Mold flow report, wall thickness checking, Parting lines and insert lines, draft, sliders and lifter structure manufacturing feasibility , Resin material , mold core and cavity steel , guaranteed tooling life,  surface finishing and others necessary things .It will reduce the research time from several month to several days.

    Start your project kicking off right with the experience and capabilities here at Asia Billion Industry Co Limited. Simplifying the Injection Molding design allows us to provide you with the lowest possible pricing to bring your products to market faster than you ever thought possible. Improve your design, materials, surface finishes and more to find the perfect combination for your project and your budget to meet the challenge marketing competition.

    Each project we will have an experienced project engineer to lead and monitor the manufacturing process to make sure everything is correct and on time.

   When your tool is ready, we install it in one of our injection molding machines and your chosen material is loaded into the hopper. The Plastic injection molding engineer takes over by quickly analyzing key components within the injection molding process to ensure we can get the expected results. We normally call this FOT samples or T1 .  After we get the sample. We will send to our customer for reference and give the customer remaining issues what we find for the problems for dimensions , appearance and assembly. After 2 or 3 cycles , the mold and production should be finished and approved by all sides .

    For the mass production, we have several injection molding engineer and quality engineer to ensure if what we want.  We are strictly according to guidelines of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality manual. ABIL have very good implementation action Incoming inspection, process control and Outgoing quality control. We use CPK(Process Capability Index) , FMEA(Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), Control, SPC and PPAP((Production Part Approval Procedure) to control our manufacturing to meet our 6 Sigma level target .  For the Measurement system , we can ensure our inspection equipment in good condition by calibration from outside professional organization very half year and do the training for measurement and testing methods and use G R & R (Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility) to check our measurement system and operators.

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