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- Jun 01, 2017-


Development Trend of Precision Injection Mold

Began to design precision injection mold, just try to improve the accuracy of mold manufacturing to get a higher precision of the plastic parts, in fact, this is wrong, within a certain limit can be, but ultimately will not get high precision plastic parts.


      In the past, China is at this point is to go through the detours, the future should learn to teach ill! To plastic molds precision plastic parts, we must find the impact of precision plastic parts of the factors, these factors to be analyzed to solve the The main problem, and then the design of precision injection mold, this is the only way to get precision plastic parts.

Ordinary injection mold design, foreign advanced countries have been gradually found by the empirical data to the calculation of the design, the mold injection system and cavity melt flow behavior and temperature regulation system of heat distribution are used computer-aided design. While China is still using empirical data design and computer-aided design is only to help analyze the problem. Precision injection mold design requirements, compared with the general to the mold design, more stringent and accurate. Therefore, the microcomputer-aided design in the precision injection mold design and manufacturing applications is more important, especially the casting system flow behavior and mold temperature regulation system, such as the heat distribution of the design must use computer-aided design, otherwise it is impossible to design qualified Of precision injection molds. In order to shorten the precision injection mold design and manufacturing cycle, in our country should be more thorough implementation of standardization. Mold, core and cavity only for a minimum of juice, the size of the raw materials are also standardized. In the mold manufacturing as far as possible the use of automated processing of CNC machine tools group, a group of processing centers to implement direct CNC operation, this result will be widely used and vigorously promote.

In short, the future of precision injection mold design and manufacturing development, is toward the ultra-short time to design and manufacture a high precision, high life, high efficiency, more advanced precision injection mold direction.

At present, precision injection molding machine to form precision injection molding products, the world's industrial advanced countries have achieved automated production, precision injection machine can be a long-distance operation or no operation, the molding machine can be measured in accordance with the production signal real-time adjustment molding process conditions , Which can fundamentally ensure that the quality of plastic molding products do not have problems. In order to achieve this goal, we must actively develop a variety of self-control molding equipment and high automation mold. At present, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of self-control precision injection molding machine. For the development of high automation molds, further efforts are needed to realize the high automation of precision injection molding products in China as soon as possible.

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