Current situation of automobile plastic injection mold technology

- May 17, 2017-

Current situation of automobile plastic injection mold technology

Automotive injection mold is important basic process equipment for the automotive industry. In the car production, more than 90% of the parts need to rely on mold forming. China's automotive mold industry, the future of the road should focus on product structure adjustment, and gradually enhance the level of mold manufacturing technology, occupation of complex structure, precision, advanced technology, high-end mold market.

     The automobile mold technology combines a lot of disciplines such as mechanical, electronic, chemical, optical, material, computer, precision detection and information network, and is comprehensive and highly disciplined system engineering. The development trend of automobile mold technology is mainly the mold products toward the larger, more sophisticated, more complex and more economical and quick direction. The mold manufacturing enterprises in the direction of technology integration, well-equipped products, product branding, management of the molds, the mold manufacturing industry has been continuously improved, the mold manufacturing process has been shortened, the mold production is moving towards informationization, without drawing, refinement and automation.

       ① in the mold design and manufacturing has been widely used CAD / CAM / CAE technology. Mold CAD / CAM / CAE technology is an important milestone in the development of mold technology. Practice has proved that the mold CAD / CAM / CAE technology is the direction of the development of mold design, and now most of the country has been widely used in the mold CAD / CAM technology, a small number of enterprises using CAE technology, the application of CAPP technology enterprises less. At present, the main application of foreign software is more, domestic mold software development and application of less, the application of software to further expand the scope of qualified enterprises to actively do a good job CAD / CAM technology to deepen the application work, that is, to carry out information engineering software Application, but also to further expand the scope of application, to carry out enterprise information engineering software to the intelligent and integrated direction.

  ② high-speed, high-precision processing is gradually popular and mature. The processing of the automobile mold surface is a highly complex free-form surface machining, which can’t achieve high-speed machining, mainly depends on the dynamic precision of CNC machine surface processing, rather than the static precision mentioned in the general machine tool sample. A high-speed CNC milling machine for automotive molds must have the same performance as rigidity, high precision, high speed, excellent dynamic performance and continuous working time at high speed. The purpose of high-speed processing is not simply to improve the processing efficiency, more importantly, through high-speed to achieve small steps, low residual high-precision machining.

     ③ rapid prototyping technology has been a better development.

    Car mold rapid prototyping technology is a set of computer-aided design, precision machinery, numerical control technology and materials science as one of the emerging technology. Rapid prototyping technology, they use of discrete stacking principle, the design of the object of the CAD model into physical samples. To RP technology to support the rapid tooling manufacturing technology, it is also in order to shorten the new product development cycle, as soon as possible to the market marketable products developed and developed a new mold manufacturing technology. This method is the manufacture of mold technology is advanced, cost reduction, design and manufacturing cycle is short, the advantages of moderate accuracy. ④ high-speed milling is widely used. At present, some of China's mold manufacturing enterprises have been purchased from abroad, such high-speed equipment and related software, tools and fixtures device. High-speed milling has been to a higher agility, intelligent, integrated direction. The development of high-speed processing technology has promoted the development of mold technology.

      ⑤ hot runner technology has been gradually widely used.

       As a result of hot runner technology mold, can improve the productivity and quality of parts, and can greatly save the production of raw materials and energy conservation. So in some mold manufacturing enterprises have been widely promoted. China has begun to promote the application in recent years, but the overall also less than 10%. The current application of the hot runner is mainly imported, due to expensive, affecting the promotion of the application, so that the plastic pieces of the process of forming a lot of waste, resulting in a waste of energy materials. Speed up the localization, and actively produce low-cost high-quality components, is to promote the use of hot runner technology key.

       ⑥ high-quality materials and advanced surface treatment technology has made rapid development. With the automotive mold manufacturing accuracy is getting higher and higher, the application of mold materials are also getting higher and higher, the domestic new die steel, due to poor stability, so the general companies are reluctant to use. At present, some of the high precision requirements, the manufacture of large, large, sophisticated, complex molds are basically using a new mold steel.

Heat treatment and surface treatment is the key to the full performance of mold steel, and now generally use vacuum heat treatment, surface treatment is mainly used nitrogen, boron, chromium and other processes.

    At present, aluminum alloy is widely used in plastic mold, because aluminum alloy material is light, cutting performance is good, thermal conductivity, high conductivity, excellent welding performance, so it has been widely used in foreign countries. China has begun to use, the future will be better development.

    China's auto mold industry, the most significant feature of the development of high-tech is widely used, the rapid increase in the level of technology, independent innovation capability continues to increase. Such as CAD / CAE / CAM technology has been widely used in China's automobile mold industry, shortening the mold development cycle, improve the mold quality requirements. Mold enterprise design, manufacturing software conditions have been basically reached close to the international level. Domestic enterprises are also gradually established for their own characteristics and to meet the needs of the market management model. Automobile mold enterprises in the process of development and growth, people have a profound understanding of "technology is the driving force for enterprise development, management is the soul of enterprise development.


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