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- Dec 30, 2016-

    Asia Billion Industry Co Limited is a professional plastic injection tooling, plastic injection molding and precision CNC machining manufactures in South of China . A lot of customers always ask us how  you can make sure our project will be succeesful 100% with nothing risk if we can place the order to your company .Many different companies maybe always can reply you just by talking a lot . However in ABIL , I can show you how it work in our project management system to eliminate the project risk what we may have .

We believe that after showing our excellent project management system, you can understand us more for our capacity . 

This one is part of ou DFM works , the analysis for the design from the starting . we can work with our customer together in earlier production development time to save the production researching time , reduce the risk and cost.

                                                                                                 Part Design Checklist
Part Name
Part No
Rev No
Checked by

1. Part Version

a. Have we got 3D part drawing and what's the version?

b.Have we got 2D drawing and what's the version?

c.    Is the   project method first angel or third angel for 2D drawing?

d. Are 2D drawing and 3D part conform? 

2. Molding Method

a.  Injection   mold,die-casting mold or other?

b.   Special process e.g.   IMD,air-assistant,over-mold,double injection?

3.Basic Information Check

a.Plastic material grade and color are   clarified.

b.Shrinkage   rate specified by customer.

c. Can undercuts be moldable?

d. Gate location and type specified?

e. Engraving informatiom e.g. part   No,rev No,cav ID,recycling code and date code specified?

4.Dimesion and Tolerance Check

a.Critical   dimension specified?

b.Tolerance is reasonable?Can   we make it?

c. Free tolerance refer to   which standard?

5.Draft Check

a. Has part enough draft   angle?

b. Is draft angel enough for mold release if texture?

c. Is draft direction reasonable and have enough draft angular for shut off   surface ?

6.Thickness Check

a.   Is   Wall-thickness uniform? Is thickness transition resonable?

b.  Are the   thickness of ribs and bosses resonable? Is easy to lead to sink mark?

7.Appearance Check

a.   What surface finish   required,polish or texture? Area specified?

b.  Does it specify the critical surface?

c.  Specified the acceptable level of cosmetic?

d.   Need to   painting,plating and UV coating? If yes, please check if specified area and   color

e.   Need to   print? If yes, please check if specified area and color for printing,can we   get the film?

f.  Need to electroplate?

8. Assembly Check

a.  Need to assemble with other parts?   Has assembly interference with each other?

b.   Can we get the assembling samples   or assembly data?

c.  What about performance   requirements,functions and structural strength?

d. Need ultrosonic welding or   adhesive?

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