How to realize your project at the beginning to save your early project investment ---- CNC machining VS moulding ?

- Apr 15, 2018-


How to realize your project at the beginning to save your early project investment            -                                        ---  CNC machining  VS  moulding ?  

    In the current competitive economic situation, there are a lot of new developed device for the marketing, but the big investment at the beginning is a big trouble for all the designers and business owners, especially for the new production with low volume at the beginning. 

   Firstly there are some rulers for the design, the production design should not be too much complex or challenge for the manufacturing technical if it is not very necessary for the functions. When you finish the design, it is better to let your supplier join the meeting with you final design validation and doing some DFMs before the drawing approval. 

  When you finish the design, it maybe that we also have problems for the manufacturing technics, here today we mainly talk about the CNC machining or moulding. Most of the mechanical parts can be realized from these 2 solutions, but which one is proper for your current project situation. Here we will have a details analysis for you as below:

1.CNC machining or milling :  

   CNC machining or milling is good for the initial project development , that is the reason why there are a lot of companies much produce several pieces prototype by machining . they can use these milling prototypes to test their designing and functions, even some initial market research or new production launching exhibition showing.  In the low volume stage for the new production, CNC machining is a good solution for your project , because you don’t need to make a mould at this step . 

   But CNC machining also have some problems for the production. If the production design is thin wall with weak strength, the cnc milling solution maybe cause some warpages or deformations when we do the CNC milling works, normally it is so hard to adjust this deviation of the drawing .   The second one is that the surface finishing is not so good comparing with moulding solution, especially for non-metallic production. Metal parts can be good solved after the manufacturing , such as polish , sand blasting or plating . but these 3 technical solutions also will cause some bad effect for the precision dimension and the stability is not good too. 

2.Moulding solution for your project: 

   Moulding solution is a very good solution for the high volume production. But it is not good for the low volume production or at the beginning of the new production development. If you go to the high volume step , the production capacity is much more and very low cost solution comparing with CNC machining technics. The moulding solution can have customized surface finishing such as polishing, texture or painting. This solution will have good precision for the dimension control and custom surface as what you want. 

   They also have some disadvantages, As we know if we want to using the moulding solution, we must need to make a mould before the production molding. The mould is not very cheap at the beginning , the cost is around  from at least several thousand US dollar to millions US is a big amount early investment for the personal business or small business owner.   The mould making also need some extra time for manufacturing and modification , the lead time for mould is around 2 weeks to half years , it depend on the size, how complex they are.   If there are some very special design features, the moulding solution can be can not be realized from the manufacturing technics,  and for now we can using 3D printing to help these problem solving.

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