China plastic mold industry research report 2020 years

- Oct 12, 2020-

  As an industrial accessory, the development level of molds is affected by the development of downstream industries such as automobiles, electronics, aerospace, military, medical, and building materials. Data show that in 2019, the sales revenue of enterprises above designated size in my country's mold industry reached 272.7 billion yuan, and research predicts that in 2020, the sales revenue of enterprises above designated size in my country's mold industry will reach 281.6 billion yuan.

  In recent years, my country's mold industry has achieved rapid improvement in manufacturing processes through technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and re-innovation. The specialized production capacity of mold companies has been greatly enhanced, the modern mold industry system has basically formed, and the industry has achieved rapid development. The manufacturing technology of mold products reaches or approaches the international level, the quality is more reliable, and the international competitiveness is significantly enhanced. my country's mold products occupy an increasingly important position in the international procurement pattern. Data show that in 2019, my country's mold export value reached 6.246 billion U.S. dollars, and my country's mold import value in 2019 was 1.939 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 9.37%.

   Among all mold types, plastic and rubber molds are the largest import and export varieties of molds in my country. Data show that in 2019, my country's plastic and rubber mold exports reached 3.967 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for more than 60% of the total mold imports and exports during the same period, reflecting the strong competitiveness of my country's auto mold and home appliance mold products in the world. The import value of plastic and rubber molds is 870 million US dollars, accounting for more than 44.89% of the total mold imports, indicating that there is still a large import substitution space for plastic and rubber molds in my country.

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