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- Apr 04, 2018-

The difference between Pre-hardened plastic mold and hardening plastic mold

1. Pre-hardened mold

       The Pre-hardened mold normally the hardness is below 44 HRC, the steel for core and cavity can be used without heat treatment after bought back. This injection mold is called Pre-hardened mold,etc 1045,1050,1730,P20, 420H steel, Aluminum, copper and so on.

2. Hardening mold

       The hardening mold normally is  hardness of more than 44HRC, the steel used in the core and cavity  and must be heat treated after being bought back, such as carburizing and quenching to achieve the use requirements, this injection mold is called hardening mold. Such as H13, 2343, S7 , 8407, S136 and so on , the hardness is based on the clamping stress of the parting surface. When the mold clamping stress of the parting surface is less than 3.5T/in2, the pre-hardened mold steel with a hardness of HRC45 or less can be selected. When the clamping stress of the parting surface is 5T/in2 or more, the selected steel hardness must be HRC45 or more.


3. The biggest difference in the service is the life of the mold, the Pre-hardened mold and the hardening mold are generally indistinguishable from the product. The manufacturing cost of the Pre-hardened mold is lower, and the manufacturing cost of the hardening mold is higher. Pre-hardened mode is used in many Asian countries, including Taiwan, Japan, East Asia and other countries and regions. Hardening mold is the most widely used in Europe and North America. For some molds, hard molds must be made to have a longer life, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic injection molding material or high temperature which like as PC,PBT, PEI and so on material.


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