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- Mar 29, 2018-

The difference between 2 shots over mold and ordinary injection mold

    The injection molding machine used for the two-shot over mold is special, equipped with two or more barrels, and can simultaneously or sequentially inject two or more different plastics. 

    What is the difference between this type of mold and the ordinary injection mold?

      The main difference between a two-color mold and an ordinary injection mold is that the former must have two or more mold cavities. Currently, there are two modes of dynamic mold rotation and dynamic mold translation in the world. Since the molds are injected sequentially with different plastics, the moving molds must be translated or rotated, so the molds will be made large, and the space for the molds of the corresponding injection molding machines will also be large.

 Asia Billion has abound experience no matter for bi-injection ordinary injection mold and 2 shots over mold for the automotive , medical and electronic industries . If you have any 2 shots over mold plastic molding project , please contact us freely for more details.

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