Characteristics and application of PA/ABS alloy plastic materials

- Jun 30, 2019-

Characteristics and application of PA/ABS alloy plastic materials

   PA is one of the most important engineering plastics due to its excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance, self-lubricity and corrosion resistance. However, its lack of water absorption, poor dimensional stability, low temperature and dry impact, which greatly limits its application in certain fields. The PA/ABS alloy obtained by blending ABS and PA combines the advantages of ABS and PA, and at the same time obtains the unique advantages that neither of them possesses, such as matt effect, sound absorption and shock absorption, and alloy notched impact strength. Up to 1000J/m or more, it is the highest engineering plastics alloy to date.

   ABS/PA alloy is an amorphous/semi-crystalline system. The addition of ABS improves the water absorption and notch toughness of PA, and the addition of PA improves the chemical resistance, heat resistance and fatigue resistance of ABS. As we all know, PC / ABS is the most widely used and most in-depth ABS blend, and is one of ABS's most important alloy products. At present, automotive interior materials, especially automotive dashboard peripheral products, are usually selected from PC/ABS materials. In contrast, ABS/PA alloys offer unparalleled performance and appearance advantages for automotive interiors with their unique appeal.

   The heat resistance of ABS/PA materials is no less than that of PC/ABS materials. The density of ABS/PA materials can also be reduced, with a reduction of up to 6%, which effectively reduces costs.

The relative density of the PC/ABS material is relatively high, generally in the range of 1.13 to 1.15, and the density of the ABS/PA material is only in the range of 1.07 to 1.08, which is commensurate with the heat resistant ABS material.

Application field of ABS/PA:

   At present, ABS/PA materials are mainly used for automotive instrument panel peripheral components, such as central control panels, instrument panel covers, and air conditioning vents, etc., which not only give the car accessories lightweight, but also because of the spray-free, The recycling features greatly increase the added value of the product. In addition, ABS/PA alloys are widely used in sports equipment and housings due to their excellent low temperature impact and fatigue resistance, such as motorcycle ski wheels, ski boots, heels, lawn mowers, PCs and power tool housings.

  ABS/PA plastic is a new material and most of injection molding companies don't know this material or have any experience for this.  but Asia Billion had learned much more from our last 3 ABS/PA tooling and mass produciton project in the cooperation with our material vendor.  this material is very special and widely used for some matt finishing cosmetic  parts. 

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