Auto Instrument Control Panel Mold Desing Manufacture Dash Board Mould

- Mar 20, 2017-

Model NO.:auto control panel      


Shaping Mode:Injection Mould
Surface Finish Process:Polishing; Mirror Polishing; Texturing; etc.
Mould Cavity:Single or Multi Cavity
Plastic Material:ABS ; PP ; PC ; PA66+GF ; PE ; TPE etc
Process Combination Type:Single Process Mold; Compound Die
Application:Car, Household Appliances, Furniture, Commodity, Electronic, Home Use
Runner:Hot Runner ; Cold Runner ; According to Products
Design Software:Ug ; PRO/E ; Solidworks ; CAD
Installation:Fixed or Semi-Fixed
Certification:ISO 9001; ISO/TS16949
Standard:Dme ; Hasco ; Lkm ; DME  and Misumi
Mold Material:P20;2738;2344;718;S136;8407;Nak80;SKD61;H13, etc
Mould Life:100 000 ~ 1000 000 Cycles
Design Time:3 Days Generally
Lead Time:2 Weeks ~ 7 Weeks According to Complixity of Mold
Transport Package:Wooden Frame
Origin:Shenzhen, China
HS Code:8480719090
About the process:

1. Cooling system: optimal design cycle water, increase productivity, reduce your costs

2. The medium-term treatment: quenching, tempering, nitriding, to improve hardness.

3. The final treatment: nitrogen (nitriding temperature is low, the deformation is small, no longer the need for quenching high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance)

4. The internal and external mold chrome plated, mirror polished. Flatness, high precision, easy for ejection .

5. Transportation: Before shipment must be installed with the mold clamping device, safe for logistics and transport

6. Service: 1 year mold warranty, free maintenance during the warranty period, free of charge with a consumable when mold factory, such as: mold ejector, slider, faucets, plugs, etc. are configured,

    Asia Billion Industry Co Limited ( ABIL) is a professional mechanical manufacturing from concept design to mass production, we have a more than 20 years experienced engineering team and use the developed software, under this team of expert engineers and mold makers allow us to turn your 3D CAD model into a fully functional prototype or production part using proper grade resins and mold steel ,more consistently, more feasibility and lower cost than any other companies. When you start your project, you can ask us to join your design team for mechanical component, especially for plastic molding enclosures and metal machined parts. We will do the analysis of your function with our proposal until it is ok for all steps. This step we call it for DFM (Design For Manufacturability), It include. Mold flow report, wall thickness checking, Parting lines and insert lines, draft, sliders and lifter structure manufacturing feasibility , Resin material , mold core and cavity steel , guaranteed tooling life,  surface finishing and others necessary things .It will reduce the research time from several month to several days. 

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