Analysis of injection mold maintenance and protection

- Jul 18, 2017-

Analysis of mold maintenance and protection


   Mold as the manufacturing of injection molding products processing the most important molding equipment, its quality is directly related to the merits of product quality. In addition, because the mold in the injection molding production costs accounted for a large proportion of its life directly affect the cost of the product. Therefore, to improve the quality of the mold, and its appropriate protection and maintenance, to extend its use of the cycle, is the injection molding products industry to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of an important weight.

  In the actual production, due to frequent mold replacement, injection molding machine running, each production cycle of high value of the mold may be due to product residue or slider dislocation and other dangerous damage, mold protector can effectively deal with various Potential problems, so as to avoid downtime repair, reduce production costs, improve product quality, to ensure delivery time.

It is the key production tool of the injection molding plant. It is the rice bowl of the enterprise. It has the specificity, precision and vulnerability. It determines the shape, size, size and appearance of the product. It is the key to the production of the mold. Injection mold material for the steel, generally by the former mold, after the mold composition. Good mold protection and maintenance is very important. 

  Mold protection requirements: rust, crash.

  Mold maintenance content includes: rust (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, ejector pins, sliders, etc.). Refueling (ejector device, sliders). Replacement of wear parts (spring, latch, bolts, etc.) Repair defects (flash, white pin marks, scratch).

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