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- Jun 17, 2017-

In-mold gating cut technology

    In-mold gating cut technology as an advanced injection molding technology, in Europe and the United States has long been popular application. Many foreign mold manufacturers die more than 50% of the mold used in the mold technology, some mold manufacturers and even more than 80%. In China, this technology in recent years really have to promote and apply, including SAMSUNG, KONKA, SONY, Midea, JABIL,GREE , Foxconn and many other well-known enterprises have begun to use In-mold gating cut technology.

In recent years, in-depth technology in China, the gradual promotion, which is largely due to the growth of human labor costs and product quality upgrades in Europe and the United States, injection molding production has been dependent on In-mold gating cut technology. It can be said that the mold is not used within the mold technology is difficult to have the industry competitive advantage, which also caused a lot of mold manufacturers for the mold on the fading technology awareness changes.

 What is an In-mold gating cut technology?

    Usually plastic parts in the injection molding, the material head and the product through the gate connected, the workers need to trim the gate, labor intensity, gate pruning unsightly. The existing solution is to open the mold from the top of the top of the cutter cut off the gate, the two methods are cut after the mold, because at this time the plastic has been cooled, cut the gate surface is not Beautiful, product quality does not increase, still need to manually trim the gate can be trimmed flat, labor intensity is still large, increasing the cost of labor.

which in the plastic mold after opening, to achieve the separation of the mold material injection molding automation process.

Briefly, the mold is eager to plastic parts of the material head and the product of automatic separation technology.

The advantages of mold die

In-mold gating cut die in today's world of industrial developed countries and regions have been very widely used. This is mainly because the mold inside the mold has the following salient features:

The mold gate separation automation, reduce the dependence on people;

   The traditional plastic mold after mold opening products connected with the gate, the need for two processes for artificial shear separation, mold within the mold cutting the gate to advance to the mold before the elimination of follow-up process, is conducive to the production of automation, rely.

Reduce the product quality impact;

   In the process of forming the mold in the mold, the automation of the gate separation ensures the appearance consistency of the gate separation, and the result is the same quality part, and the traditional artificial separation gate process can’t guarantee the appearance of the gate separation. 

3  Reduce the molding cycle, improve production stability

   In-mold gating cut thermoforming automation, to avoid the production process of useless man-made action, and the product of fully automated mechanical shear to ensure quality consistency in the product of large-scale production process than the traditional mold has a quasi-analogy advantage.

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