Facility & Equipment

Asia Billion Innovational Technology Limited is a company with professional expertise with Mold making division, Injection molding division and Metal Manufacturing division.  The total floor space is around 3000 square meters with around 65 workers, we equip imported precision machine from different manufacturing step to final inspection measurement machine. 

We offer cost-efficient but quality products to our customers. Our clients always appreciate the short lead time and excellent professional service that we offer.

We make every effort to meet your expectation no matter what your order size is big or small. Our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen of China keeps buzzing with activities thanks to the trust that our customers have on us for the work we do, whether it is high precise injection molds, plastic injection tooling, injection molded parts or metal precision machining.

We will help you to get what you want in time with good quality assurance .We also take pride in our exceptional ability from concept to final production.

Our Equipment List 

Mold Manufacturing Equipment List
Equipment nameManufacturerSizeQuantityAccuracyRemark
CNCPollex MV-85030.005 mm
CNCPollex MV-106010.01 mm
High speed CNCPollex MV-60010.005 mm
High speedCNCPollex MV-50010.005 mm
Slow WirecutFANUCA-LIA10.003 mm
EDMTopendEP-5020.01 mm
EDMDMSPKBM3010.005 mm
EDMDMEC-sodickB3010.005 mm
EDMDMEC-sodickB4510.005 mm
Mirror EDMSodickAD30LS10.002 mm
Milling machineKENT 3H/5H 30.01mm
Grinding MachineKENTKGS-61840.002 mm
LatheShenyang machin CA6136 10.01mm
Drill MachineChina
Laser Engraving MachineChina
Crane LifterChina1 ton and 5 tons3

Total27 sets

Injection Molding plant Equipment List
Equipment nameManufacturerSizeQuantityAccuracyRemark
Full electrical Injection molding MachineSumitomoSE50D1 50 tons
Full electrical Injection molding MachineSumitomoSE100 DU2 100 tons
High speed injection machineCREATORCI-45E345 tons
High speed injection machineCRAETORCI-90E590 tons
Injection molding machineNisseiFN-10002100 tons
Injection molding machineNisseiFN-16001160 tons
Injection molding machineToshibaIS1001 100 tons
Injection molding machineToshibaIS2201250 tons
Injection molding machineToshibaIS350GS1350 tons
Injection molding machineChina HaixiongHXW5002 500 tons
Injection molding machineChina HaixiongHXW981100 tons
Injection molding machineHaitianPL1201120 tons
Injection molding MachineEASYmasterEM150-SVFZ1150 tons
Injection Molding machineChina ZhenyuZYW178S1180 tons
Vertical Injection molding MachineAoxiangAT-550AB655 tons
Vertical Injection molding MachineAoxiangAT-850AB285 tons
Vertical Injection molding MachineAoxiangAT-1000AB1100 tons

Total32 sets

Quality Control Equipment List
Equipment nameManufacturerSizeQuantityAccuracyRemark
CMMWEALTMWEAR TH 406010.002 mm 400 x 600 mm
ProjectorChinaZFSV403010.002 mm 400 x 300 mm
ProjectorSkillfulSK302010.002 mm 400 x 200 mm
Profile ProjectorEassonEP-11 0.005 mm
Height gaugeHoufeng0-500 mm1 0.01 mmMAX 500 mm
Height gaugeMitutoyo 0- 75 mm10.005 mmMAX 75 mm
Callipers Mitutoyo150 mm & 250 mm150.005 mmMAX 350 mm
Drop testing machineChina

Flow rate testerChina local
Max temperature 350 ℃
Tensile Testing MachineChina local
MAX 50 N

Total24 sets

Plastic Injection Mould Making Equipment showing


Plastic Moulding Plant