Customer Service & Marketing

Customer Service:

Excellence in Customer Service Is our High Priority in Asia Billion Industry Co Limited. We well listen and understand customer concerns, always change our position at customer side to try to understand and thinking .  


We are committed to our customers and to ensuring that their every reasonable and fair need is always met.

Our customer service is based on effective, two-way communication and global views to provide Plastic tooling, Plastic Injection Molding and CNC machining part with quality assurance.

We value customer feedback and Customers have valuable insights to share with us for promotion our cooperation.

In order to establish an effective partnership with our customers, we ensure that we are accessible to them before. during and after project is completed.

All the questions in our company will feedback within 24 hours in working day no matter where are you.

We promise a closely working relationship so that our customers can easily communicate any concerns or questions what they have, and so that we can give them regular progress reports.

As part of our commitment to customer communication, we follow up to ensure complete satisfaction verify all purchase orders

Internal and external communication is of equal importance to our customer service success for our company inside.

Asia Billion Industry Co Limited is trying our best to understand and help you for anything what can promote your future business.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing main strategy focus on oversea customers and foreign enterprise in China from small companies to multi-national big companies.

All our marketing team is experienced and well training from engineer, project, quality, sales, team work, customer service and professional psychology knowledges. It ensure that we have a higher efficient way to help our customer and track the project.

At ABIL, all the manager level or top management person are across-functional and well known for different section of our industry, you can directly talk with the top management team in English at our company to enough support and make the final decision.

All ABIL we see our customer’s success as the beginning of our future and success.

No matter your project is small or big, we give our 100% support for you and your project. We never loose even one existing customer from our business starting for many years, maybe it can show you how about our ability.